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Welcome to DISH

DISH is situated in Parkhurst and home to mosaics, ceramics and other fine art.

We have a hands on approach and all our products are designed and created by us on the premises. Our primary focus is the art of mosaics; from the manufacture of the mosaic tiles, to the completed mosaic artworks, we are able to offer a vast choice of colour and design to create bespoke items that are unusual and sought-after.

We offer a fantastic selection of hand-painted mosaic tiles in a wide range of colours, together with unique hand-made ceramic inserts for our talented and creative clients to choose from when creating their own artworks. Mosaic tiles of specific design and/or colour can be manufactured on request.

Mosaic workshops for beginners, held in our studio, provide a fun introduction to the art and good practical instruction on which students are able to base their future designs. Workshops for advanced students, focusing on more intricate designs, are also available.

In addition to mosaic artwork, we design and create exclusive hand-painted ceramics, from complimentary decor to focal points, from weird and wacky to conservative or traditional.

We offer ceramic painting classes and have a large variety of bisque just waiting to be painted.

Commissioned artworks, mosaic and ceramic, at DISH are designed by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Studio and Factory

84 Maria Street
Unit 7 Fountaingate
Contact Number : 084 6585785

Retail Store:

Shop 6 Village green Shopping Centre

108 Greenway


(Greenside Woolworths Centre)

Contact Number: 084 6585785/ 011 4860782


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